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Welcome to The Rayworth Consulting Group.

Located in the Central Midlands, England, The Rayworth Consulting Group is a Specialist Consultancy company in Product Marketing, Product Management, Mass Production, Radio System Design, Railway, Civilian and Military Communications Projects, Product Development and Project and Complete Programme Management.

The services we offer are based upon our experience in the following:

  • Product Marketing of many products within the radio and electronics industries.
  • Analogue and digital radio systems (MPT 1327, TETRA, APCO-25, GSM, GSM-R H.F.).
  • Volume manufacture of the above and other products.
  • Factory relocation.
  • Network design (fixed, wireless and infra-red).
  • Communications protocol design.
  • Silicon chip development (RF and digital).
  • Study of radio propagation from HF to microwave.
  • Management of embedded software developments.
  • Development of car navigation and other GPS based systems.
  • Design for manufacture and design for testing/testability.
  • Negotiation and representation in standardisation organisations.
  • Management of patent and design registrations and processes.
  • Creating and assessing quality processes suitable for achieving standards such as ISO9000-2000.

For all enquiries and further information on our capabilities and availability, please contact us or directly email us at sales@rayworthconsulting.co.uk outlining the nature of your enquiry and your requirements. Alternatively, please telephone: +44 (0)7889 832630 (answer-phone available when busy/out-of-hours).

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