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Rayworth Consulting Group are experts at complex system design especially in the field of communications.  For example:

Design for Manufacture. This is a very important consideration for any product which will be manufactured in volumes and/or has tight profit margins. It also impacts significantly on the reliability and initial customer perceptions of a product critical if market share is to be maximised. If the product is straight-forward to manufacture, then time to market can also be minimised.

Low-cost Design. Correct choice of parts and suppliers will fix the achievable costs of a product or process very early in the design cycle, it is therefore very important to ensure that up-to-date knowledge is used in generating your early specifications. Strategic purchasing is often left in the hands of procurement staff with other priorities and lack of technical knowledge, thus risking the opportunities to land good supplier agreements.

Product integration and debugging. This is one of the most stressful phases of a development project, but requires an analytical and methodical approach to problem solving for progress to be consistent and rapid. Modern electronics often requires an understanding of hardware (digital and analogue) and software to be effective in this discipline.
Typically, all of the above need to be considered holistically when a system is designed. From our track record of product designs and close working with low and high volume manufacturing, we can assist you in this by providing expertise and/or short/medium term resource.

System partitioning. Whether you are making a child's toy or a complex control system, choosing the optimum points to split functionality between software/hardware, integrated-silicon/discrete parts will make a massive difference to your ability to implement a product or system in a timely and cost-effective manner. It also affects the product's fundamental form and fitness for purpose. If these choices are made correctly, then the project can normally be partitioned for several staff or teams to work in parallel with incremental deliveries being completed along the way.

Design for Testability. When you think about it, this speaks for itself without this, how can you know that every one of your products arriving at your customer's premises will work first time out-of-box? Ignoring this manufacturing need early in the design process can be impossible to rectify fully later on. Furthermore, to minimise scrap costs (especially when using valuable components) it is important to be able to test that sub-assemblies, assemblies and complete products are working as early as possible in the build process.

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