Factory Relocation:

It has become a major requirement for many companies to relocate their manufacturing facilities. However, many have concerns regarding the potential risks of such an exercise.

Irrespective of the reasons behind such a significant decision, Rayworth Consulting Group can apply our experience to your benefit. It is critical, should you be considering such a move, to start planning at the earliest possible moment.

So do not delay make sure that you have experienced advice available to your team. If you involve us early enough, we can also help with the selection of your outsourced manufacturer.

We have recent hands-on experience of moving major production facilities capable of making thousands of complex products per week. We have successfully undertaken this twice in the last three years. In both cases the moves were international, more recently involving a final destination in Taiwan.

We also have experience with:

  • dealing with administrators exercising liens on customer's equipment and component stocks.
  • changing MRP systems.
  • decommissioning packing and shipping of equipment.
  • project planning and managing component buys to run-out stocks.
  • dealing with foreign companies, cultures and languages.
  • transfer and control of design information.
  • checking of supply contracts.

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