Product Management:

If your company is involved in the supply of electronic products, systems or components and needs assistance/advice in any of the following areas, then The Rayworth Consulting Group can assist you

  • Ensure that your product portfolios are complete and supported by a suitable range of ancillaries, whilst identifying product items which are reaching end of life, or require replacement.
  • Find, assess and control OEM sources for those items not manufactured in-house.
  • Understand and minimise costs of; product variation, “product ownership” and product supply/procurement.
  • Optimise return on development investments through sound strategic direction.
  • Interpret customer requirements and write specifications of new products/features.
  • Create Product Documentation, both technical (eg data sheets) and commercial, paper and web-based.
  • Analyse competitor products.

With direct experience of managing complex development projects, research projects and product introduction programmes in the electronics industry, The Rayworth Consulting Group has a wealth of experience to draw upon. This includes projects:

  • with budget sizes from 1 person to over £3.00m per annum.
  • involving all departments of a company.
  • with multi-company international collaborations.
  • in highly regulated technical areas (e.g. designing professional radios for safety critical use).
  • in all stages of the product life cycle, specifically: research, development, production-introduction, product technical support and facility relocation projects.
  • with (or that need to have) ISO9000:2000 compliant processes.
  • that have used a variety of planning and reporting tools and techniques including MS Project and Artemis Prestige, triple estimation, risk assessment, Gannt charts, Pert charts and even simple techniques using spreadsheets.
  • with teams in different locations, as far apart as UK-Australia.

The Rayworth Consulting Group can assist you with any requirements you may have for technical project management. Please feel free to contact us to discuss needs such as:

  • Planning and organising a new project.
  • Ensuring that an existing project is being effectively monitored.
  • Risk assessment, and assistance in planning, mitigation and reduction of risks.
  • Technical auditing of internal or external projects to address specific concerns, maybe for a key project that is not running to plan?
  • Designing process improvements to ensure and improve efficiency, implementing effective monitoring and identification of corrective actions.
  • Resurging a project – either by providing skills or recruiting a suitable team.
  • Bridging the culture-gap that can sometimes develop between different departments/locations of a company.

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